Open date 45 000 ₽ + VAT
Два полных дня (16 академических часов)

This training is suitable for you if you:

  • assess credit risks of counterparties that are financial institutions; do debt market analysis; are involved into industry-specific academic research;
  • want to understand, what factors are the most relevant for analysis; what do bankers hide in financial reporting; and how to compile a simple and comprehensive analysis structure using the variety of available indicators;
  • are curious about the reasons why banks fail, and want to know if Lehman Brothers and Vneshprombank cases have anything in common;
  • want to do risk management but have no idea what industry specialization to choose;
  • have optimization of the methodology base with respect to counterparty risk analysis as your objective.

An ideal participant is

A higher education professional majoring in economics or finance with a minimum work experience in assessing credit risks of financial institutions.

What you ought to know already to gain the maximum benefits fr om the training:

  • basics of economic performance and the role of banks in its structure
  • major banking products and services
  • what is the purpose of a central bank and what are its functions
  • what is credit risk and why it is important for financial market activities.

After completing the training, we want you to:

  • be able to independently analyze banks, leasing and micro-finance companies;
  • know what information is important for analyzing various risk factors and wh ere to find it;
  • know how to calculate key ratios and interpret their values;
  • understand what the analysis structure should look like; what factors and in what manner effect each other;
  • know what factors shall be assessed in addition to risks of the bank/company itself;
  • know why risks related to various debt financial instruments are substantially different depending on their class;
  • be aware of the reasons behind the most high-profile bankruptcies in the Russian and global financial markets.

What we offer:

  • practical tasks after each training section and a major homework assignment (using actual case studies);
  • lecturers with extensive and diverse experience in credit analysis of Russian and international financial institutions;
  • maximum interaction during the training sessions (materials can be discussed in the online mode);
  • convenient handouts for detailed studying.

Please note: all ACRA trainings are held in Russian.

Два полных дня (16 академических часов)

Cost of participation

45 000


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