12 Oct 2021

ACRA has prepared a draft version of its methodology for assigning credit ratings under the international scale to financial instruments of banks, financial companies (including insurance and leasing firms), non-financial companies (including SMEs and holding companies), and international financial institutions. The document has been published on the Agency’s website at https://acra-ratings.ru/criteria/2621/ to gather comments and suggestions from market participants.

After its approval, it will be possible to apply the Methodology in order to assign credit ratings and expected credit ratings to issues. In accordance with the Methodology, expected credit ratings are assigned to financial liabilities for up to 180 days and are designated using the character ‘e’. At the end of the specified period, the expected credit rating is either withdrawn or revised. Rating outlooks are not assigned to credit ratings of financial instruments.

ACRA encourages all interested parties to take part in discussing the draft methodology and submit comments and suggestions in writing to criteria@acra-ratings.ru by October 31, 2021, inclusive. ACRA will consider all suggestions before the final version is approved by the Methodology Committee.

Contact person

Alexander Mazunin
Head of external communications
+7 (495) 139 04 80, ext. 177
Svetlana Panicheva
Deputy Head of external communications
+7 (495) 139 04 80, ext. 169
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