by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation

The Russian Energy Agency

The Russian Energy Agency by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation has more than a half century of history and over that time has become an important element of the system of informational and analytical support of implementation of the national energy policy and building a dialog between the state and the companies of the fuel and energy complex. The Russian Energy Agency is currently working on a wide variety of sustainable development projects in order to ensure energy security, economic growth and environmental stability.

The key working areas include research and analysis of current and promising energy markets; forecasting in the sphere of energy; promotion of scientific and technical development and digital transformation of the energy sector, development of non-carbon and low-carbon energy sources, solutions for sustainable development and energy security, creation of an educational ecosystem and knowledge exchange within the fuel and energy complex.

Contact persons

Vladimir Gorchakov
Deputy Director, Head of the Sustainable Development Risk Assessment Group
+7 (495) 139 04 80, ext. 132

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